Team 1Malaysia Lotus F1 Embarks
Another Malaysian Success

Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir, Chairman of Sepang International Circuit (File Picture)

22nd September, Sepang – Announcement of Malaysia’s plans to start up and run Team 1Malaysia Lotus F1 team receives a boost for future motor sports in Malaysia and around the region. It is the spirit of 1Malaysia and 'Malaysia Boleh' that takes 1Malaysia Lotus F1 team embarks another level of global motor sports.

Apart from creating a commercial and industrial complex, SIC is taking this opportunity to make Sepang Circuit a real motor sports hub and commercialize motor sports. Datuk Mokhzani, chairman of Sepang International Circuit is encouraging everyone to exploit the facilities and events in motor sports and the automotive industry.

Datuk Mokhzani explained that running a 1Malaysia Lotus F1 would not cost RM1billion as speculate in media. However the cost include start-up, equip a suitable site, buy engines, get drivers and manufacture the cars. There would also be a yearly operating budget.

Sepang International Circuit which host 1Malaysia Lotus F1 team would see new proposed facility which includes garages, a R&D center, car and bike showrooms, tuning companies, parts warehouses, a hotel and many more. Success making SIC into an entertainment venue, bringing the F1 race to Malaysia since 1996 is serious and big business in other parts of the world. Sepang International Circuit is brainchild of infrastructure investment in F1 and it contribute major development for motor sports in Malaysia and the region.

Datuk Mokhzani also explained that reports of requiring land to house the R&D, manufacturing of some parts and formula 1 testing would take less than 20 acres, widely off the mark of 8000ha to 12000ha as speculated by media.
Datuk Mokhzani compare recent speculate with the fact that Putrajaya is about 5500 ha.

Building F1 facility in SIC would see technology transfer from Lotus, create opportunity for Malaysians to involves in engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities. Many companies and educational institutions are taking parts in this initiative. F1 program will entice some of our best talents to excel at home, now that the opportunity has been created.

This will have positive spin-offs for automotive industry as we will be working on the cutting edge of technology.

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