Team Redbull Rookies
Ready For 1000km Battle

Redbull Rookies; Leona Chin, Putri Ayu Jasmin,
Nur Hayati Omar and Diana Chin are ready for 1000km battle.
Picture courtesy of Sepang International Circuit

26th May, Sepang – Inspired by their commendable performance in their debut at the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race (MME) last year, the all-ladies racing team RedBull Rookies has now penned their names for the inaugural Sepang 1000km, which is scheduled from June 4 to 6 at Sepang Circuit.

But, instead the company of highly experienced Philippa Yoong, who helped the team to sixth position in Class B in the 12-hour race, ‘oldies’ Leona Chin and Putri Ayu Jasmin Abdul Hamid would now be sharing the Honda Integra DC2 mean machine with newcomers Nur Hayati Omar and Diana Chin.

While the capabilities of Putri Ayu Jasmin and drift queen Leona had been recognized, the driving standard of the 24-year old Hayati and Diana, 22, under real racing conditions had yet to be tested. Chief instructor Kenvin Low of Asia Advanced Driving Academy, however, is optimistic.

RedBull Rookies team would be challenging the men in Class 1
for cars between 1601cc to 1900cc.
Picture courtesy of Sepang International Circuit

“They were the best of a huge number of aspirants. And, both Diana and Hayati had responded well to our training programs. They are both very good drivers. They should provide strong support for Putri and Leona. The whole team is very excited and really looking forward to the race,” added the seasoned MME contestant and SIC’s regular safety car driver.

Immediately after the MME success, Red Bull immediately convened their second search for lady drivers to compete at the MME. But, with changes to the 12-hour race; their focus were immediately shifted to the new Sepang 1000km, which should run up to 10 hours depending on the weather.

Offering two categories of competition, the RedBull Rookies would be challenging the men in Class 1 for cars with engine capacity between 1601cc to 1900cc. The other is Class C for cars with engine capacity below 1600cc.

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