Malaysia's Largest International Fireworks
To Compete In Putrajaya

World's biggest Malaysia International Fireworks Competition
came alive last night with intermittent bursts of colourful fireworks.
Pictures by Chow KF (


PUTRAJAYA, 13 August 2008 - The evening skies over the federal government administrative capital of Putrajaya came alive last night with intermittent bursts of colourful fireworks, played to the accompaniment of dramatic music scores.

Making its second appearance this year, the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 (MIFC 2008) promises an even greater spectacle compared to last year, a truly monumental achievement considering that last year's event made the annals as one of the world's biggest international musical fireworks competition with an estimated 3.5 million visitors.

Beside Team Malaysia which presenting the opening, MIFC 2008 will also feature competitors from China, Canada and Spain vying for the Merdeka trophy while the Australian team of Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics, the winner of last year's competition will have the honours to present this year's Grand Finale on 29th August.

As a fully homegrown product the event's objective, impact and role in promoting Malaysia as a destination of international entertainment is undeniable, as best described by Malaysia's Minister of Tourism, YB Dato' Sri Azalina Othman Said:

"MIFC 2008 provides an excellent platform for the public, both locals and tourists to experience a truly world-class event that's homegrown. By virtue of its scale and popularity, the event has shown that it is able to attract people of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds to a common arena to enjoy not just a dazzling competition, but more importantly, to enjoy each others' company in a spirit that's truly united. It is this very same spirit of unity that makes Malaysia truly special."

The Malaysia International Fireworks Competilion is one of the component events in the Visit Malaysia Year campaign and designated as one of the top 50 national events in the country's Calendar of Events 2008.


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