Catching the Super GT Race from the Sky at Sepang Circuit.

Racing fans will have a unique opportunity of catching actions at the upcoming 2008 Super GT International Series Malaysia at Sepang Circuit from June 20 to 22 from the sky from the comfort of hot-air balloons.

"The hot air balloons will be an added attraction for the race this year. It's going to be a truly unique experience that fans would definitely enjoy," says Azlan Akil, who is Sepang International Circuit (SIC) Advertising and Promotions Manager, and project manager for the race.

He said several hot-air balloons would be strategically located at vantage points to allow perfect view of the racing actions at the event, which would also included five support races - the Asian Touring Car Series, the Asian GT Challenge, the Asian Formula Renault Challenge, Formula BMW Pacific and the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.

The GT race in Sepang would be Round 4 of a nine-round Super GT International Series 2008, where eight other rounds are held in Japan. As the only race outside Japan and offering an entirely different challenge for the drivers and teams, the Sepang race is waited anxiously by them for bragging rights to win the most difficult race of the series.

"It's definitely an event that no racing fan would want to miss. It's a weekend packed with plenty of excitement on and off-track," said Azlan, in reference to some 100 GT Queens from Japan representing the competing teams and sponsors plus many more grid girls from the participating teams for the support races.

"My advice to all fans coming to the event is that don't leave home without your cameras. It's a must at the Super GT," said Azian, adding that the circuit had set a target of 65,000 spectators for the weekend. While tickets are priced as low as RM30 for entry on Saturday and Sunday, entry for Friday (June 20) would be free at the Main Grandstand area.

In luring the fans, Azlan said that SIC would be bringing in sending its 'secret weapons'- GT Queens Kotomi Kurosawa and Ayami Sasaki to assist the organizers in promoting the event. Scheduled to arrive in Malaysia next month, Kurosawa and Ayami are expected to make appearances at leading shopping malls and entertainment outlets at major cities as well as the Super GT roadshows to meet the fans.

To those who love the race cars more than the queens, Azlan said that SIC would be displaying the Super GT racing cars as well at the roadshows where fans can have a closer look and be photographed with the mean machines.

"For the 2008 race, we are planning to have three big roadshows in June - two in Kuala Lumpur and one at Highway Autocity in Penang to push the promotions. On top of that, we are also working closely with the GTA for street demonstration during the race week. That would be really special," he added.

Main Grandstand tickets are priced at RM150 while the Kl Grandstand seats are priced at RM80.

SIC is currently offering special early bird packages for the fans where the first 5,000 purchases of the Main Grandstand tickets and the first 5,000 purchases for the Kl Grandstand tickets would be entitled to a 50 percent discount..

For more details, contact the Press Officer Azhar Ghazali at +6019 3837865 or visit for the latest result of race championship.

2007 SUPER GT MALAYSIA - ROUND 4 Point Standings After 3 Rounds

1. Satoshi Motoyama/Richard Lyons (XANAVI NISMO Z)36
2. Michael Krumm/Tsugio Matsuda (MOTUL AUTECH Z)32
3. Daisuke Ito/Ralph Firman (ARTA NSX) 30
4. Yuji Tachikawa & Toranosuke Takagi (ZENT CERUMO SC430) 25
5. Dominik Schwager/Shinya Hosokawa (RAYBRIG NSX) 22
7. Tatsuya Kataoka/Bjorn Wirdheim (Forum Eng. SC430) 19
8. Juichi Wakisaka/Andre Lotterer (TOM'S SC430) 14
9. Ryo Michigami/Takashi Kogure (Takata NSX) 13
10. Naoki Hattori/Peter Dumbrek (Bandai SC430) 10


1. Kazuya Oshima/Hiroaki Ishiura (TOY STORY Racing apr MR-S) 48
2. Kazuho Takahashi/Hiroki Katoh Privée (KENZO Asset Shiden) 42
3. Masami Kageyama//Tomonobu Fujii (ENDLESS ADVAN SENZAIKAKUMEI Z) 35
4. Marco Apicella/Koji Yamanishi (AKTIO MURCIE RG-1) 27
5. Morio Nitta/Shinichi Takagi (ARTA Garaiya) 21
6. Shinichi Yamaji/Nobuteru Taniguchi (YUNKER-POWER TAISAN PORSCHE) 12
7. Takuya Kurosawa/Hidetoshi Mitsusada (GREENTECH MAZIORA BOXTER) 11
8. Shinsuke Shibahara/Haruki Kurosawa (Willcom Advan VEMAC480R) 11
9. Yasutaka Hinoi/Atsushi Yugo (MARUHON MURCEI RG-1) 10
10. Kyosuke Mineo/Yuya Sukamoto (apr MR-S) 10


Round 1 - Suzuka Circuit (Race Distance : 300km) - 18 March 2007

1. ZENT CERUMO SC430 Yuji Tachikawa & Toranosuke Takagi
2. XANAVI NISMO Z Satoshi Motoyama/Richard Lyons


1. ENDLESS ADVAN SENZAIKAKUMEI Z Masami Kageyama//Tomonobu Fujii
2. Privée KENZO Asset Shiden Kazuho Takahashi/Hiroki Katoh
3. TOY STORY apr MR-S Kazuya Oshima/Hiroaki Ishiura

Round 2 - Okayama International Circuit (300km) - 8 April 2007
Results - GT500

1. ARTA NSX Daisuke Ito/Ralph Firman
2. RAYBRIG NSX Dominik Schwager/Shinya Hosokawa
3. MOTUL AUTECH Z Michael Krumm/Tsugio Matsuda

Results - GT300

1. TOY STORY Racing apr MR-S Kazuya Oshima/Hiroaki Ishiura
2. Privée KENZO Asset Shiden Kazuho Takahashi/Hiroki Katoh
3. YUNKER-POWER TAISAN PORSCHE Shinichi Yamaji/Nobuteru Taniguchi

Round 3 - Fuji Speedway (500km) - 4 May 2007
Results - GT300

1. XANAVI NISMO Z Satoshi Motoyama/Richard Lyons
2. MOTUL AUTECH Z Michael Krumm/Tsugio Matsuda
3. Forum Eng. SC430 Tatsuya Kataoka/Bjorn Wirdheim

Results - GT300

1. ARTA Garaiya Morio Nitta/Shinichi Takagi
2. AKTIO MURCIE RG-1 Marco Apicella/Koji Yamanishi
3. TOY STORY Racing apr MR-S Kazuya Oshima/Hiroaki Ishiura


Round 1 16 - 17 March Suzuka Circuit
Round 2 6 - 8 April Okayama International Circuit
Round 3 2 - 4 May Fuji Speedway
Round 4 22 - 24 June Sepang Circuit, MALAYSIA
Round 5 27 - 29 July Sportsland Sugo
Round 6 17 - 19 August Suzuka Circuit
Round 7 7 - 9 September Twin Ring Motegi
Round 8 12 - 14 October Autopolis
Round 9 2 - 4 November Fuji Speedway

For details, contact the Press Officer Azhar Ghazali at 019-3837865.


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