Kuhara Wins Round 2 But Gave Up On Title Chase

Brent Odgers trails by Yasuhiro Kuhara during race of Malaysian Super Series
Photo by (KF Chow)

20th May, Sepang  - Defending champion Yasuhiro Kuhara won Round 2 of the Malaysian Super Series at Sepang Circuit today; picking up 45 points to open his tally in the five-round Superbike Championship but virtually gave up in the overall title chase.

Missing the opening round in April, Kuhara saw his Australian rival Brent Odgers climbing further in the championship ladder with 83 points after winning Race 2 and fourth placing in the opening race.

"I missed Round 1. So, my mission this year is not for the MSS championship. It will be very difficult. I am just here to enjoy myself and the race," Kuhara said, adding that overall Odgers was the better rider today.

"I must say that I am lucky to win. Brent was very good," he said, adding it would be difficult for any of the riders to deny 2003 champion of picking up his second title this year.

In an incident-filled day, the opening race of the Superbike Championship was run in two segments after it was red-flagged after Lap 8 when a rider crashed in the middle of the track.

Odgers, who overshot when taking the first turn of the opening lap of Race 1, was sixth in the first segment; but stormed back to win the second segment of four laps to finish fourth for Race 1.

After a close battle with Kuhara and Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin in the opening stages in Race 2, Odgers finally took control of the race after Lap 12 and eventually scored a comfortable win.

In a thrilling battle among the 600cc supersports riders, Massimo Nanni won Round 2; thanks to his commanding victory in the opening race that saw the Italian rider finishing 11 seconds ahead of second-placed Nils Uchida Zakariassen of Norway.

Nanni was closely challenged by India's Pretam Moses in Race 2 and eventually saw him sliding off into the gravel bed in the final lap; allowing Moses to take the checkered flag with Nani finishing in second place.

Championship leader Chia Choo Keat scored another double victory in the battle of 250c Aprilia machines to enhance his position at the top of the Aprilia Cup with 100 points.

Similarly, Mohd Rizal Jantan was virtually unchallenged in the Kawasaki Cup; scoring a double victory in the battle of 150cc Kawasaki ZX150RR machines to take full command of the championship.

In a newly created format for the 135cc Production Bike Championship due an exceeding number of entries, championship leader Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin won the deciding race after two rounds of heats to decide the 26 finalists.

The win gave Ahmad Nashrul an additional 25 points; enhancing his position at the top of the standings with 75 points.

Race Results - Sepang Circuit South Track (2.609 kilometers)


Race 1 (12 laps combined)
1. Yasuhiro Kuhara (Honda CBR1000) 13:26.470s
2. Ahmad Zamani (Kawasaki ZX10RR) 13:.29.312s
3. Lee Ching Hooi (Kawasaki ZX10RR) 13:41.906s
4. Brent Odgers (Honda CBR1000) 13:42.846s
5. Omar Ali Abdullah (Honda CBR1000) 13.44.573s

Race 2 (15 laps)
1. Brent Odgers (Honda CBR1000) 16:33.108s
2. Yasuhiro Kuhara (Honda CBR1000) 16:35.998s
3. Ahmad Zamani (Kawasaki ZX10RR) 16:41.399s
4. Omar Ali Abdullah (Honda CBR1000) 16:43.421s
5. Lee Ching Hooi (Kawasaki ZX10RR) 17:21.244s


Race 1 (15 laps)
1. Massimo Nanni (Yamaha R6) 17:18.207s
2. Nils Uchida Zakariassen (Yamaha R6) 17:29.277s
3. Pretham Moses (Yamaha R6) 17:35.079s
4. Karl de Souza (Yamaha R6) 17:44.554s
5. Steve Ong (Yamaha R6) 17:47.183s

Race 2 (15 laps)
1. Pretham Moses (Yamaha R6) 17:08.014s
2. Massimo Nanni (Yamaha R6) 17:25.515s
3. Nils Uchida Zakariassen (Yamaha R6) 17:33.349s
4. Karl de Souza (Yamaha R6) 17:49.864s
5. Steve Ong (Yamaha R6) 18:01.125s


Race 1 (12 laps)
1. Chia Khoo Keat (Aprilia RS250) 15:01.989s
2. Mohd Rahim Amon (Aprilia RS250) 15:14.546s
3. Vittorio Fabregas (Aprilia RS250) 15:15.730s
4. Emmanuel Jebaraj (Aprilia RS250) 15:26.607s
5. Mohd Anuar Salleh (Aprilia RS250) 15:37.830s

Race 2 (12 laps)
1. Chia Khoo Keat (Aprilia RS250) 15:33.306s
2. Mohd Anuar Salleh (Aprilia RS250) 15:52.882s
3. Mohd Zairul Akmal (Aprilia RS250) 15:53.947s
4. Mohd Rahim Amon (Aprilia RS250) 15:53.981s
5. Emmanuel Jebaraj (Aprilia RS250) 15:54.112s


Race 1 (Race stopped after 8 laps)
1. Mohd Rizal Jantan (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 10:39.739s
2. Mohd Kanafi Kamaruddin (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 10:45.581s
3. R. Suresh (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 10:49.198s
4. Renganathan Krishnan (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 11:16.150s
5. Hadi andk Jembik (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 11:16.150s

Race 2 (12 laps)
1. Mohd Rizal Jantan (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 13:10.167s
2. Mohd Kanafi Kamaruddin (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 13:17.744s
3. R. Suresh (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 13:32.035s
4. Hadi Jembik (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 13:36.579s
5. Renganathan Krishnan (Kawasaki ZX150RR) 13:36.859s

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