Wira Dani, Dilantha Remain Even At Malaysian Super Series

Photo by KF Chow

27th May, Sepang  - Beaten in the opening race, Malaysian Wira Dani Daim and his superlight Radical SR3 machine bounced back in Race 2 in the battle of the supercars to beat Sri Lankan Dilantha Malagamuwa and win Round 2 of the Malaysian Super Series (MSS) at Sepang Circuit today.

It was a repeat result of the opening Round 1 of the Supercar Championship in April when Dilantha won Race 1; but came second in Race 2 behind Wira, who was declared the winner of Round 1 by virtue of winning the second race.

Despite his two winning trophies this season, Wira Dani remained locked at the top of the Supercar Championship standings with 70 points with the defending champion with three more rounds to go.

"Actually, there were some problems with my car. But, we are still even after two rounds. So, we will have to see what happens in Round 3. We aim to make further improvement on the car," said Wira Dani, who made a vital error in the opening race as he spun in final turn of the first lap.

That allowed Dilantha and his Porsche 996 machine to open a gap about half of the 2.706km track as the Malaysian was forced to wait for clear traffic before moving in back into the track.

It was the same script in the battle of the 2000cc machines in the Supersaloon Championship as Eddie Lew was crowned as the winner of Round 2; to the disappointment of championship leader Wong Yew Choong.

Dominant in the opening race, Yew Choong was upstaged by Eddie in Race 2 as the JC Racing driver cruised to victory; completing the 15-lap race in 17 minutes 48.695 seconds against Yew Chong's time of 18 minutes 947 seconds.

Better known as Boy in the racing circle, Yew Choong maintained a 10-point lead over Eddie with 75 points while Eddie, winner of the 1600cc title in 2003, is second with 65 points.

Representing Superture Racing Team, Yew Choong, however, remained unbeatable in the battle of 1600cc cars this season as the defending champion scored a double victory in the Supersixteen Championship to enhance his position at the top of the standings with 80 points; strengthening his grip on the crown with just three more rounds to go.

After 12 races and seven rounds after its inception last year, the Supercompact Championship had a new winner with Syazril Amri who scored a double victory today; at the expense of defending champion K. Perajun who was bogged down with mechanical problems throughout the weekend.

Failing to collect any points today, Perajun dropped to fourth overall in the battle of the sub-1000cc machines, which is now led by Chan Yoon Woon with 60 points. Chew Koon Ming is second with 48 points and Syazril jumping to third with 46 points.

Round 3 for the MSS car competitions would be held on July 29 and Perajun would be desperate to get back to winning ways to defend his Supercompact Championship crown.

Sepang Circuit South Track - 2.609km

Supercar Championship
Race 1 (15 laps)
1. Dilantha Malagamuwa (Porsche 996) 17:29.738s
2. Wira Dani Daim (Radical SR3) 17:43.607s
3. Stewart Seatter (Porsche KSR) 17:31.354s (14 laps)
4. Ron Lim (Mazda RX7) 18:39.616s 18:03.616s (14 laps)
5. Angus Kirkwood (Radical SR3) 17:48.955s (12 laps)

Race 2 (15 laps)
1. Wira Dani Daim (Radical SR3) 16:52.364s
2. Dilantha Malagamuwa (Porsche 996) 16:55.850s
3. Stewart Seatter (Porsche KSR) 17:43.396s
4. Angus Kirkwood (Radical SR3 17:03.379s (14 laps)

Point Standings After 2 rounds:
1. Wira Dani Daim (70 points)
2. Dilantha Malagamuwa (70 pts)
3. Stewart Seatter (40 pts)

Supersaloon Championship
Race 1 (15 laps)

1. Wong Yew Choong (Honda Integra) 18:00.549s
2. Eddie Lew (Honda Integra DC5) 18:08.566s
3. Soh Kee Koon (Honda Integra DC5) 18:26.752s
4. Tek Kean Kang (Honda Integra DC5) 18:14.349s (14 laps)
5. Sharjihan Ghouse (Honda Integra) 18:17.678s (14 laps)

Race 2 (15 laps)
1. Eddie Lew (Honda Integra DC5) 17:48.695s
2. Wong Yew Choong (Honda Integra) 18:49.947s
3. Soh Kee Koon (Honda Integra DC5) 17:14.819s (14 laps)
4. Thomas Ong (Satria GTI) 17:15.082 (13 laps)
5. Lim San Fook (Honda Civic) 18:05.737s (13 laps)

Point Standings After 2 rounds
1. Wong Yew Choong (75 pts)
2. Eddie Lew (65 pts)
3. Soh Kee Koon (46 pts).

Supersixteen Championship
Race 1 (15 laps)
1. Wong Yew Choong (Honda Civic EK) 18:59.506s
2. Harry Chai (Honda Civic EK) 19:03.068s
3. Kenvin Low (Honda Civic EK) 19:08.733s
4. Ian Lee (Honda Civic EK) 19:22.030s
5. Soh Kee Koon (Honda Civic EK) 19:39.270s

Race 2 (15 laps)
1. Wong Yew Choong (Honda Civic EK) 17:33.967s
2. Harry Chai (Honda Civic EK) 17:35.363s
3. Ian Lee (Honda Civic EK) 17:47.297s
4. Indran Kanavaji (Honda Civic EK) 18:01.152s
5. Mohd Noor Yusoff (Proton Satria) 18:14.975s

Point Standings After 2 rounds
1. Wong Yew Choong (80pts)
2. Harry Chai (55 pts)
3. Ian Lee (49 pts)

Supercompact Championship Race 1 (12 laps)
1. Syazril Amri (Kancil Turbo) 17:01.629s
2. Chan Yoon Voon (Kancil Turbo) 17:01.854s
3. Chew Koon Ming (Kancil Turbo) 17:32.240s
4. Yap Yue Neng (Kancil Turbo) 17:36.777s
5. Noel Douglas Chai (Kancil Turbo) 17:40.831s

Race 2 (12 laps)
1. Syazril Amri (Kancil Turbo) 16:57.655s
2. Chan Yoon Voon (Kancil Turbo) 17:02.362s
3. Chew Koon Ming (Kancil Turbo) 17:16.663s
4. Yap Yue Neng (Kancil Turbo) 17:50.756s
5. Noel Douglas Chai (Kancil Turbo) 17:58.328s

Point Standings After 2 rounds:
1. Chan Yoon Voon (60 pts)
2. Chew Koon Ming (48 pts)
3. Syazril Amri (46 pts)

JPM Integra Cup
Round 3 (20 laps)

1. Mohamed Farriz Fauzy (JPM Integra) 24:23.256s
2. Sharjihan Ghouse (JPM Integra) 24:42.272s
3. Rizal Ashram Ramli (JPM Integra) 24:43.638s
4. Eric Yeo (JPM Integra) 24:52.576s
5. Ahmad Faez Yahya (JPM Integra) 25:01.815s

Round 4 (20 laps)
1. Ahmad Faez Yahya (JPM Integra) 24.36.509s
2. Mohamed Farriz Fauzy (JPM Integra) 24:36.830s
3. Sharjihan Ghouse (JPM Integra) 24:54.598s
4. Choo Kwong Meng (JPM Integra) 24:59.519s
5. Tseu Chan Kee (JPM Integra) 25:05.690s

Point Standings After 4 rounds:
1. Rizal Ashram Ramli (26 pts)
2. Sharjihan Ghouse (25 pts)
3. Farriz Fauzy (21 pts)

Hong Kong Club Classic Car Series
Race 1 (12 laps)

1. Nick Thomas (Porsche 911) 16:04.011s
2. Daniel Biski (Porsche 911) 16:15.819s
3. Simon Westbrook (TVR 3000M) 16:47.953s
4. Paul Winkelmann (Catherham) 16:48.831s
5. S. Mathan (Toyota Corolla Le) 17:15.852s

Race 2 (12 laps)
1. Simon Westbrook (TVR 3000M) 14.09412s
2. Nick Thomas (Porsche 911) 14.34.381s
3. Daniel Biski (Porsche 911) 15.10.273s
4. Ian geekie (Datsun 240Z) 15.21.432s
5. Michael Ricks (Chevrolet Stingray) 14.09.709s (11 laps)

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